Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous mind.
Samuel Johnson


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Category: Humor, Relationships

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Reviewed by polly on 2010-11-30
My Rate 2
i read forst part - it's boring, says about nothing in particular and i lost interest. the author should remember that the best part of the book should be introduction. only in such a way you make sure that the reader will read to the end...

Reviewed by ebire olakunle on 2010-07-18
My Rate 4
Its the best of its kind

Reviewed by Madjid on 2009-08-29
My Rate 4
very good book but it mess some important stuff

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Title: Make Women Laugh
Author: Martin Merrill

It's proven: humor is the shortcut to attraction...

"Finally Revealed! Closely Guarded Secrets To Attracting Beautiful Women By Making Them Laugh... 100% Guaranteed!"

"If I Can Show You, Step By Step, How To Make Any Woman Laugh At Any Time And Any Place, Would It Be Easier For You To Attract The Woman Of Your Dreams?"

You Can Download And Discover These Amazing Secrets Within Just Minutes:

  • You can and should joke about a woman, but make sure you never commit this common mistake, no matter how friendly the joke is
  • Women typically stay in a group, such as in a bar. Here are 2 powerful techniques how you can attract a particular woman in a group without the disturbance from the rest of the group
  • Women trust their instincts more than their logic. Here's how you can take advantage of that to "prepare her" for laughter and love
  • Why women sometimes laugh at jokes which you don't find funny at all
  • What you should know about lame jokes and how you can use them to actually demonstrate your sense of humor
  • What you can learn from magicians in telling jokes to women
  • What type of joke you should definitely tell at first, with no exceptions
  • What the "Humor Habit" is and how you can practice at any time, any place, with double efficiency to transform yourself into a totally funny guy
  • What is the "Rule of Reciprocity" and how it can help you in
... Click here to read the full description!

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Rating: (3.42 after 7 votes)
Category: Humor

182 Hilarious Jokes!

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Reviewed by Steven on 2006-02-02
My Rate 4

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Title: 182 Hilarious Jokes!
Author: D. Thompson

This newly released e-Book contains 182 hilarious jokes. The Jokes are split into four different catagories; One liners, Longer Jokes, Rude Jokes and Blonde Jokes.
These jokes have been collected over a number of years especially for this ebook, each joke has been hand picked for this ebook, you wont find any bad jokes here!

Resell Rights Are Included!



A brain went into a pub and said, "Can I have a pint of lager please?" "No way" says the barman "you are already out of your head".

Why don't cats like shaving? Because 9 out of 10 prefer Whiskas.


Hopelessly lost, a businessman approaches a local in a village. 'What's the quickest way to York?' he asks. The local scratches his head. 'Are you walking or driving?' 'I'm driving' the man replies. 'Hmmm' ponders the local. 'I'd say that's definitely the quickest way'.

(apologies to any blondes reading!)

A young brunette goes into the doctor's office and says that her body hurts wherever she touches it.
"Impossible," says the doctor. "Show me."
She takes her finger and pushes her elbow and screams in agony. She pushes her knee and screams, pushes her ankle and screams. Everywhere she touches makes her scream.
The doctor says, "You're not really a brunette, are you?"
She says, "No, I'm really a blonde".
"I thought so," he says. "You have a broken

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Rating: (4 after 1 votes)
Category: Humor, Wedding

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Title: Humorous Weddings Tales Jokes and Laughs
Author: Robert Joy



This story was told to me so I don't know if it is true or if it is a joke. I think it is a joke, but then again -------

The guests were all seated. The parents of the bride and groom had been escorted down the aisle and seated in the front row on their respective sides. The groomsmen were in their places. The bridesmaids had each enjoyed their moment of glory as they individually walked down the aisle and took their places opposite the groomsmen. The ring bearer was the next to enter the door to the chapel. He was adorable in his little tux, just 3 years old and the bride's brother.

Everyone smiled as they watched him begin his trip down the aisle. Then the smiles changed to puzzled looks. As the little boy took a step, he let go of the ring cushion with his right hand, raised it in front of him curving his fingers, scratching at thin air and going, "Grrrrr", as loud as he could.

On the next step, he held the cushion with his right hand, let go with his left, raising it in front of him with curved fingers, scratched at thin air and again went, "Grrrrr", as loud as he could. He continued alternating hands and going,"Grrrrr", all the way down the aisle to the alter.

The ceremony continued without a hitch. At the end, the minister couldn't control his curiosity any longer and asked why the boy made such strange motions and sounds as he walked down the aisle.

The boy

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Category: Humor

101 dirty dumb blonde jokes

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Title: 101 dirty dumb blonde jokes
Warning! Adults Only!

1. Q: What's the difference between a blonde and a rooster?
A: A Rooster says in the Morning - "Cockll-doodlle-doooooo", while
a blonde shouts, "Any-cock'll-doooo."

2. Q: What is the best secretary in the world to have?
A: The one that never misses a period.

3. Q: What do blondes say after sex?
A: "Thanks, guys!".

4. Q: What's the difference between a blonde and The Titanic?
A: They know how many men went down on The Titanic.

5. Q: What's the difference between a blonde and the Atlantic
A: There's fewer crabs in the Atlantic.

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Category: Humor, Nonfiction

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Title: Dream Building
Author: Sandi Freeman, Lee Freeman

Dream Building is a story of how a family built one of their life's dreams. A dream that would impact them for years to come. It is a book packed with information and humor about how they built and cruised their own boat affectionately named the Fair Havens. It is loaded with photographs and answers to questions that arise with such a project. If you are planning to build your own boat, or you are looking for a great family project, this ebook is for you!

Experience the building of this dream:

  • What building material they used and where to find it
  • Trips to the Florida Keys with color pictures
  • The first test launch
  • The excitement of the family as they build this dream
  • The case of the moving channel markers
  • The agony of the engine purchase
  • The Maiden Voyage and how not to anchor
  • Step by step construction tips with a lot of photos
  • Painting on a budget and what the paint store will not tell you
  • Interior construction
  • How to prevent wood decay with products found at the local stores
  • How they selected the right plans for them
  • Fiberglassing

You will experience an average family building their dream together...

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Category: Health, Humor

The Power of Laughter

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Title: The Power of Laughter
Author: John Williams
piHowtobeHappierHealthierandHaveMoreFunbrLaughterISTheBestMedicineippPicturethisYourestandingaroundthewatercoolerattheofficesharingcommentsaboutlastnightsfavoritesitcomHerecomesJoetheJerkthebuffoonoftheofficestaffppHebuttsinwithhaveyouheardthelatestaboutthefarmersdaughterHelaunchesintohislatestoffcolorjokecompletingignoringthegenderormakeupofhisaudienceppWhenhefinallyfinishesanuncomfortablesilencefallsacrossthegroupMomentslateroneortwopeoplemayofferahalfheartedchuckleandthegroupbreaksupheadingbacktotheirworkplaceamidanuncomfortableatmosphereppUnfortunatelythisorsomethingsimilarhappenseverydayaroundtheglobeppTheresnodoubtaboutitlaughtertrulyisthebestmedicineYouprobablyhaveyourownpersonallibraryofjokesthatyourolloutwhentheoccasionarisesppHoweverhaveyouevergivenanythoughttojokeetiquetteProbablynotbecauseuntilnowtherehasntbeenanyguidelineswrittenonthesubjectppThatsnolongerthecasebThePowerOfLaughterbbringsyoualonglistofwonderfullylaughablejokeshoweveritdoesntstopthereppNotjustanotheroverdonejokeebookbThePowerOfLaughterbexplorestheanatomyofajokefromintroductionstraightthroughtodeliveryppHediscussestherightandwrongwaytotellajokeand... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Humor

Standup Comedy

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Title: Standup Comedy

Has Anyone Ever Told You That You Could Be A Stand-Up Comedian?

Dear Friend,

Well, here's your chance to try it out for size. Just think, you are making jokes and everyone is laughing. As you were growing up, you kept your friends, family and classmates in stitches. They would fall over whenever you told a joke. They couldn't get enough of them and always wanted you to keep them supplied with more.

Then it dawned on you-if you could do that with just familiar faces, what says that you couldn't do it with complete strangers? Then, an idea was born-being a stand-up comedian! You've always excelled in making people laugh. Now you were looking at bigger and better things for yourself.

With this report, Stand-up Comedy (The Secret to Becoming a Successful Comedian!), you will be able to discover the tricks of the trade. Stand-up comedy is a great way to get noticed by others. It is a different kind of comedic adventure. Stand-up comedians get a kick out of performing for a live audience.

The focus is to get their audience to laugh at their jokes and other material. There have been many famous comedians who have started out in stand-up comedy and have excelled big time with television sitcoms and movies.

In order to be a successful stand-up comedian, you have to know how to make audiences like your material so that they will enjoy your show. If you don't satisfy them, you will know

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Type: PDF
Category: Humor

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Title: Comedy Show Opens
Author: Dan O'Day

Wouldn't it be nice if every time you began your radio program, your audience was fully engaged, amused, and energized from your very first words?

Even the best radio personalities have one moment in their show that is slower and less sure than the rest:

The beginning.

For a track star, the first steps off the starting block determine the success of the race.

If you're a talented professional, once you "hit your stride" everything is fine. Those first few words of the show are your starting block.

How would you like a fast & funny Show Open to begin your next show?

How about for your next 900 shows?

Comedy Show Opens gives you 900 fast, funny ways to begin your show.

Most run just 5 to 10 seconds.

Some are longer.

All poke gentle fun at yourself, the wonderful world of radio, or Life In General.

If you use one a day, five days a week, it'll be approximately 3.6 years before you repeat a line! So what are you waiting for?

Comedy Show Opens is a 105-page ebook (PDF format), available for immediate download.

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Category: Humor

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Title: Comedy Sponsor Lines
Author: Dan O'Day

If you're a radio personality who does any kind of comedy or humor on your show, here's something you really need to think about:

Your comedy or humor isn't being compared to that of other "disc jockeys" or "presenters" or "radio hosts."

Your listeners compare the comedy and humor they hear on your program to that of their favorite comedians and humorists.

As a friend of mine eloquently says, in today's multimedia world "all messages swim in the same ocean."

If you have a sense of humor and the ability to use it to make your listeners smile, laugh, chuckle or guffaw, by all means you should use it.

Just remember, your listeners will not cut you a break by thinking, "Well, that wasn't really very funny. But I guess for a disc jockey it's okay."

Because they're not comparing you to other radio personalities. They're comparing you to the funniest stuff they encounter in all the mass media.

I certainly am not warning you to avoid humor.

Heck, it was my use of humor and comedy that made me successful as a jock (about 150 years ago) and then made me semi-famous to radio people when I launched my own two comedy services.

I'm simply suggesting that you make every reasonable effort to make sure that when you attempt to do something funny, it comes across the speakers as funny.

Unless you're one of the few radio people with a big enough budget to hire some great comedy writers, most likely you have to

... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Humor

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Title: Comedy Show Closes
Author: Dan O'Day

If your on-air persona, however, is completely humorless, this won't help you at all. In fact, it will hurt you.

If you're Mr. or Ms. Serious for your entire program, it would be a mistake to end your show on a humorous note.

But if you do share your sense of humor with your listeners, here's some wonderful news:

Your Next 1,000 Shows Are Taken Care Of.

Comedy Show Closes gives you 1,000 humorous ways to end your program with a wink, not a whimper.

Some are nonsensical (but funny nonetheless).

Some are deadpan silly.

Some are even....Well....Okay, I'll say it: Some are even downright corny. (But deliberately so.)

Why Ending With Humor Strengthens Your Show

  • It's respectful.
  • It leaves your listeners with a smile, a good feeling. (That's a good thing.)
  • It keeps your listeners in a good mood. When they're in a good mood, they're less likely to change stations. They're too busy enjoying themselves.
  • It gives "closure" to the day's program. Just disappearing on them leaves your listeners with an incomplete, dissatisfied feeling. (That's a bad thing.)
  • It adds to their anticipation of their enjoyment of tomorrow's program.
  • It acknowledges the relationship you have with your listeners.
  • Assuming you've already established a rapport with your audience, saying goodbye is polite.

Four Years

... Click here to read the full description!

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